Laboratory Systems

LABORATORY water purification systems

Total organic carbon analyzer TOCmatic

Realtime TOC analyzer

Total carbon analyzer TOCmatic developed by AQUAlab is an online TOC monitoring system, that provides users with real time monitoring of inorganic and organic contaminants (via conductivity and TOC) in ultrapure water distribution loops.

The operator of TOCmatic monitoring system can easily adjust setpoints for TOC level, as well as conductivity and temperature. TOCmatic system provides automatic alarm reports via e-mail in case any of the parameters exceeds the set point. TOCmatic automatically logged data can be copied onto a USB stick or send via e-mail. The system also provides automatic e-mail reports with operator’s demanded frequency. Real time TOC chart ensures flexibility and easiness to TOCmatic system operator in everyday routine. The unique feature of TOCmatic analyzer is its possibility to analyse TOC level in both ultrapure water distribution loops, as well as RO distribution loops. TOCmatic can be monitored online via mobile application.

AQUAlab Q-series laboratory water purification systems are designed to produce ultrapure water for most demanding applications including but not limited to: inorganic trace analysis, gas and liquid chromatography as well as other methods of organic analysis, molecular biology and cell culture.

AQUAlab Q-series systems’ produced water exceeds requirements of all relevant standards, like ASTM Type I, ISO 3696 Grade 1, CLSI Type I. Consistent water quality is 18.2 MOhm*cm (0.055 μS/cm). Integrated recirculation ensures total organic carbon (TOC) on a very low level of 5-10 ppb for regular configuration. UV and Bio configurations of Q-series systems produces water with TOC less than 2 ppb.

All AQUAlab Q-series systems have dispensers, equipped with a touchscreen LCD display for water quality indication.

Innovative AQUAlab Blue Pilot controller provides all necessary information about system status, has user-adjustable set points for all parameters, generates automatic alarm report by e-mail and specialized mobile application.

Smart deionization (DI) module automatic monitoring provides information on module status for its replacement only when it is exhausted.

Q-series systems can be monitored online via mobile application. The operation log can be obtained via USB-Stick or E-mail.